We call her Jeeves, though her real name is Elizabeth. Her work is so interesting and inspired that we have decided she has her very own genre, Jeevesism! You can find some of her finest work in GavelGavel!!!, but here are a few of her works in progress.

#1 Silk: Lindsey Ann Prior believed she knew everything about her best friend Jay. As the days go by, they grow closer; but Lindsey feels that they are still separated by something. When she finds out about Jay's dark secret, she'll give anything for him to be lying. 1 friendship, 1 ribbon, 1 moment that will change the course of there lives. Just like silk, some things fray. #2 Here Without You: It's been seven years since Lindsey has been in South Carolina and she still wishes she were somewhere, anywhere, else. Seven long years since she has smiled or laughed or kissed someone she loved. But all of that is about to change. When an accident jolts Lindsey back to reality, she sees Luke Fairiley falling head over heels for her but tries to deny her first feeling of happiness that she's had since she left. She couldn't possibly feel the same way as she did before, so what's the point in feeling at all? Luke shows her that she doesn't have to let go to be able to love again.

#3 Blind Hearts: College is the start of a new life. New classes, friendships, and rivalries. But it's more than that for Ginny. While fulfilling a dream of hers to help out at a college for the blind, Ginny meets a challenge that will put everything she has to the test. Ryan's angry at the world after a fire killed his family and left him leagally blind. While Ginny tries to help him cope with this new frightening situation, she learns more about Ryan, her "friends", and herself. When an opportunity comes up for Ryan to get his old life back, he jumps at it hoping Ginny will understand. For Ginny, though, seeing isn't always believing.

#4 Bitter Sweet: Bombs crashing, missiles wizzing through the air: the USA is in complete chaos while fighting the British isles; but friendship can prevail. Everyone always teased that Adeline was attached at the hip to her cousin, Tristain. But when arguments about the war split Adeline and her father from the rest of the family, her friendship will be tested. On a trip to help the "enemy" in Ireland, She must choose between the bond with her cousin or her new-found love for a handicapped Irish soldier named Shay. Everything is tossed in the air, though, when Tristan becomes missing in action. With lives on the line and time running out, Tristan and Shay must learn to set there differences aside and concentrate on the only things they have in common: the drive to keep their countries, their families, and Adeline safe.
Her collection of novels will be on store shelves eventually, you can count on it. This page contains just a few of what will eventually be a fantastic body of work. On personal note, I, the author of this website, would like to tell you something. Jeevesís genre is officially realistic fiction, a genre which I myself had previously found incredibly dull and unappealing. Since being introduced to her work, I am proud to say I have been proven wrong.