My name is Jinx, I write science fiction and bits of poetry. Jeeves is my older sister just so ya know. I came into the writer's club at the second or third meeting and was at the age borderline at the time. I have three dogs that give me alot of insperation, Kirby, Shelby, and Alice! Most of my writing is connected with the Path to Ascension series by one of my good friends and our awsome leader Rick!
He started me up on the story in the summer of 2008 while I was in lake Taho after the idea had been sugested to us by a few people. Take a look:

I could never really remember what it was like that last night. The last night of freedom, the last night of peace, that last night of innocence, it was all gone now. That is if it was ever really there. What if it was all some kind of bad dream? What if any moment now he could be walking through that door? Alive.


If I was sure of one thing,

Sam was dead

(THis is the opening of what will become Jinx's novel: